Terms And Conditions

Please read carefully and endeavor to clarify all grey areas before any financial transaction is carried out.

  • Sign up fee is non-refundable*.
  • On cancellation of an order by client, 90% of the order value will be refunded only if the said order is cancelled within 48hrs after receipt of fund. 10% is held back to cover bank charges and cost of processing the order. Any cancellation request later than 48 hours will not be acknowledged.
  • We reserve the right to cancel orders and the company will make full refund of funds associated with such order.
  • All refunds are effected within but not later than 30 working days (Weekends and Public Holidays not included).
  • Cost of mailing orders is borne by the client. Only the cost of mailing the complimentary copy* (only SoleMe Plus) is borne by the firm. A client has the right to choose any form transportation for his/her orders (aside the complimentary copy*) and the cost will be communicated appropriately. We will do our best to make arrangement for such transport channel (requested) if possible.
  • We can only determine the date and time a cargo arrives at a freight/courier company’s office. Precise arrival time at client location outside Lagos may vary from 24 – 72 hours from time of dispatch. We will not be held responsible for unforeseen circumstances like flight cancellation/delays, vehicle break down or accidents e.t.c.
  • On account of lost cargo, MagicWand will take full responsibility if the cargo was sent via our courier channels (complimentary copies only*). Decision on Courier company of choice for orders (asides the complimentary copies*) is solely at client’s discretion and we cannot be held liable for such loss. This is applicable only to clients outside Lagos-Nigeria.
  • Time taken for production varies from 8 and 30 working days (Weekends and Public Holidays not included). It is advised to request for your production time line if it’s not stated at production commencement (normally your account manager communicates this to you at commencement).
  • Changes in purchase price of products or any other pricing whatsoever will be communicated at least 10 days before it becomes effective.
  • All designs produced by our firm remain a property of the company and as such cannot be used without permission. All designs supplied/produced by clients remains property of the client.
  • Slight changes may occur to publishing plan features from time to time without prior notice but such change/s do not affect all contracts signed before such change/s is/are introduced. Change/s to signed contract/s will only occur with the consent of all the parties involved.
  • Delivery/Production delay will be communicated to the client at least 48 hours before the earlier dispatch time.
  • Force Majeure: On event of an uncontrollable and unplanned event like national strike, riot, crime, war, act of God (flood, earth quake e.t.c), machinery breakdown, fire to mention but a few, no party will be held in contempt or breach of contract if their part of the contract cannot be executed for a short while resulting into slight delay of contract execution as a result of the afore listed (but not limited to) event. This does not release any party from the contract as the contract must be executed immediately conditions become favourable or a new resolution reached by both parties.
  • Purchase orders made and such order received by us is regarded as a contract.
  • These terms and conditions may change from time to time without prior notice but every client will be advised of the changes.

* Applicable only to SoleMe Plus (Print-On-Demand)