Superb Starter

For N48,750 you’ll get:

  • Cover Design
  • Inside page design and layout
  • 50 premium copies**
  • Online Promotion on Social Media
  • Online Distribution and Sales

This is a pocket friendly plan suitable for books that haven’t been published by us before.

The most intriguing part of this plan is the fact that it covers almost everything you need once your book is edited and ready to go. Inside pages and cover page design and 50 copies of your book printed on premium white or international cream paper is covered. WOW!

We will also throw in some premium online promotion on our social media platforms.

Wanna sell your book online? Not to worry, we will be more than happy to help connect you with online distribution channels for sale of your book. All book sales payments go to you directly. Isn’t that fantastic?!

When you need more copies of your book after the initial 50 copies, you will only pay the unit cost of your book multiplied by the number of copies needed (minimum of 50 copies. The unit cost of books vary by book size. This cost will be communicated during the production of the initial 50 copies.

Please note that this plan does not cover proof reading and editing neither does it cover cost of illustration. Books with coloured inserts (coloured inside pages) would attract extra charges. Also, this plan does not cover book requiring special features on the cover, for example (but not limited to) hard covers, covers with flap/fold, embossing and spot lamination.

Book print for first 50 units takes 10 working days at most. This does not include the days spent on design.

After the initial 50 units of the book is published, the plan is then migrated to our Flexi Print Plan. See details of plan here

As we say at MagicWand publishing, we are thinking out of the box firm.

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from 9am-5pm on (Monday-Friday)

Slight changes may occur to plan features from time to time

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**Books with more than 23,000 words / 120 A5 pages (after book layout) get fewer copies.