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​INNOVATION, like change is a constant fact of life. Have you ever thought of going beyond what is readily available in publishing?

Then talk to us today. The INNOVATIVE PRINT OPTION IS FINALLY AROUND THE CORNER! With our print on demand plan, we give authors and publishers the flexibility to print as little as fifty (50) units of their book at an overall cheaper cost of publishing.

Sign up to one of our very affordable plans then have your designed book mailed to us and in as little as ten (10) working days, you can have your book(s) in hand.

In line with our commitment of affordability, we do not burden our clients with our extended services like editing, proof reading, design, illustration and the likes as we believe you may have loved ones  or paid professionals at arm’s reach who can offer these services for free or at next to no cost (we have professionals who handle these services if you’ll need us to help***).

Terms and conditions apply, read it here

Some of the general features of goLEAN includes:

  • Full Copyright Ownership by the author.
  • Flexibility to make corrections on work*** even after publishing.
  • Customized cover page for different occasions.
  • Total Resource Control where you decide how much to expend per time.
  • Print as little as fifty (50) units of books per time or more if you so desire.

Individual Plans
These plans are crafted specifically with you in mind. Tired of the burden of huge cost of book print or the restrictive conventional publishing process? Then goLEAN on your budget. Save more…do more.

$99 – Solo Plan – Single Title (Covers the printing of one title)
$327 – Fivers Plan – This covers five (5) distinct/series titles from the same author.
$554 – DecPlan – This covers ten (10) distinct/series titles from the same author.
$856 – Unlimited365 – This unique plan gives highly prolific authors the opportunity to publish any number of book titles within 12 calendar months from date of sign up.

Corporate/Publisher Plans
Thinking of offering this unique and innovative package to your clients? Or just thinking of helping them goLEAN on their budget? Then think no further as these plans help cater for the hassles. You can relax and confidently offer the Print-On-Demand service to your clients
without their knowledge that we were a part of the process. Simply subscribe to our plan, offer your client the service in any way that is best tailored to suit your firm and we’ll play the silent partner.

$149 – BizSolo – This plan allows for publishing one title with the publisher/corporate clients logo boldly display on the cover page.
$383 – BizFivers – With your logo boldly displayed on the cover page, this plan allows for printing five (5) titles from different or similar authors.
$655 – BizDec – Unlike BizFivers, this plan allows for printing up to ten (10) titles. Your logo will take the prime spot on the cover like other plans.
$998 – Biz365 – For twelve (12) full calendar months from date of sign up, unlimited number of titles can be rolled out. Meaning publisher taking advantage of this SUPER SAVER! Giving them the leverage to offer clients Print-On-Demand service at a much reduced cost to their clients.
$1,573 – BizMega – This plan pushes the limit publishing. Thinking of not worrying about sign up in a long time…say 2 years, then this is the perfect plan for you firm. The plan cover 2 calendar years of unlimited book sign up.

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Flexi Plans

This plan has no sign up fee attached only a service charge. The service charge is a fixed fee that is included on all orders.

Terms and condition apply, read it here

The service charge is $18(N4,330) only

Once the cost of a book is computed based on the number of units required, the service charge is then added to arrive at the total amount payable.

As opposed to the other earlier plans which are paid once in the life time of the book project, this service charge on the other hand is added to the cost of  books ordered. It is a fixed fee so the numbers of books requested from 50 and above does not change the cost of service charge.

You can’t be wrong working with us.

Save more…achieve more!

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*All Dollar Denominated Services are billed in Naira to Nigerians.