The MagicWand Publishing eVantage is our new initiative for giving our existing and soon to be authors a new vantage point in exploring the unlimited opportunities that abound in the books sales and distribution space.

Having already taken (or about to take) advantage of physical hardcopy book sales channels, it is time to consider the eVantage. Give your fans and soon to be fans the joy of experiencing your writing with its unfathomable wealth of knowledge and life-transforming information through eVantage.  From inspirational books that propels towards set goals to fictional works that breaks down the boundaries of the imagination, give your readers the eVantage.

This service plan delivers eBooks without the very present fear of piracy.

Your Current Options

To distribute eBooks today, you have about 3 options:

Third Party Platforms: this involves your book being listed on some dedicated book reading platforms, often involving long vetting sometimes. The challenge is often delay in getting your duly earned funds and also the reluctance of most people to have to install an app (taking storage space) just before they can then buy your book.

Create Your Book App: This option leaves you with the seeming expensive route of paying to develop an app dedicated solely to your book.

Sell eBooks Directly: This is often a great way to get your sales funds directly but unfortunately, once you send out your files, it can be circulated freely on social media and via download platforms with little ability to track or bring to book the perpetrators.

Welcome to the eVantage

The eVantage gives you a different view point to eBook sales yet adopting the strengths of some of the existing sales approaches.

With eVantange, you get the following:

  • A customised eBook for every sale made. Each eBook generated will carry the name and contact information of the buyer on a separate copyright page stating clearly the implication of a privacy breach of such copy as it bares his/her name.
  • The file cannot be altered to remove their name. The files are in read-only formats. Hence, no changes in any form including copy and paste, or edits can be made to any section of the eBook.
  • 24 hours: that’s how long it takes for you to get your funds. You are credited directly from the sales platform your share of the proceeds immediately. No stories, no need waiting for a week or 14 days or a month. You get your proceeds immediately. The longest it takes is 72 hours. For every sale made (even if it is only one copy), your duly earned funds is not held back. If you want to receive your funds at predefined time or at specific target amount, you can talk to us to arrange that.
  • The fees are all charged on our cut. All fees associated with each sale are borne in our share of sales revenue. Our sales commission is 30% of the total selling price.

This said percentage will cover for:

  • 7.5% VAT.
  • 1.5% transaction cost due to the payment platform for local purchases.
  • 3.9% transaction cost due to the payment platform for international purchases.
  • ₦100 transaction cost due to the payment platform for books above ₦2,500.
  • Cost of customization service for each copy of book sold.
  • All other administrative and operational cost associated with each sale.

Getting on the eVantage is as simple as ABC

A – Existing book titles already published/printed with us only need a start off fee of ₦5,340. If you are not published with us and the title you intend to sell is not in print with us yet, please call 08059864322 to figure out how soon we can get it ready for eVantage distribution.

B – Your book file is prepared and a sales link connected to your personal account is set up for direct credit to you account.

C – Start selling and making millions.

It’s time to enjoy being an author with the eVantage from MagicWand.