Authors & Books List

MagicWand Books



Author:  Adewale Kazeem / School Links 

Book/s: Campus Money (A comprehensive guide to starting business on Nigerian campuses)


Author: Afolabi Fakayode

Book/s: Holy Quest (SelfHelp/Motivational)


Author: Akhidenor Victor

Book/s: Papa Goose (Poetry)

Our Daily Mask (Poetry)

               Nigerian Football Finest Quotes & Notes (History, Fact, Educational, Reference)


Author: Amala Charles Mmaduka

Book/s: Undergraduate Millionaire (Self-help, Motivational)


Author: Ayorinde Likinyo

Book/s: The Overflowing Cup (Christian, Self-help, Motivational)


Author: Banji Odurombi

Book/s: English Simplified (Educational, Secondary School)


Author: Bolu Onasanya

Book/s: Never Say Die (Self-help, Motivational)

               The Red Eye (Self-help, Motivational)


Author: Charles Onyekaba

Book/s: Swinging Emotions (Poetry)


Author: Chichi Okoro

Book/s: Veiled Princess (Children Fiction)


Author: Dayo Adeniyi Nigeria

Book/s: The Rank Shifting (Self-help, Motivational)


Author: Eugenia Onwu Ukpo

Book/s: A as in Africa (Children Educational)


Author: Femi Abolade

Book/s: The Prison Pastor (Novel, Fiction)


Author: Femi Owolabi

Book/s: Echoes in the web (Novel, Fiction)


Author: Gbenga Popoola

Book/s: Power to conceive (Christian, Self-help, Motivational)


Author: Ikenna Ezuma

Book/s: The Queens Gambit (Novel, Fiction)


Author: Ima Isip

Book/s: Homecoming (Poetry)


Author: Jacob Terseer Iortyer 

Book/s: SORROWS OF HER CHOICE (Novel, Fiction)


Author: Jide Olatunbode

Book/s: Ace IT! (Educational, Self-help, Motivational)


Author: Matthew Okodua

Book/s: Broadcasting & Politics in Nigeria (History, Educational)


Author: Morak Akin David

Book/s: Leadership Secrets Of David Oyedepo (Christian, Self-help, Motivational)


Author: Myne Whitman

Book/s: A Heart To Mend (Novel, Fiction)


Author: Nosa Oke

Book/s: Call Me Joke (Novel, Fiction)


Author: Nweke Kizito

Book/s: Home Far Away (Novel, Fiction)


Author: Obiageli Nneoma Igwegbe

Book/s: Prebendalist (Novel, Fiction)


Author: Okechukwu Ofili

Book/s: How Stupidity Save My Life (Self-help, Motivational)


Author: Dr. M.E. Adimmadu

Book/s: ECONOMICS AND AFRICAPITALISM (History, Fact, Educational, Reference)


Author: Ono Kirian

Book/s: The Orchid Protocol (Novel, Action Fiction)


Author: Peter Okolie

Book/s: Succeed You Can (Self-help, Motivational)


Author: Qwekumalhi Ikenna Onyekwena

Book/s: Dark Side Of The light (Novel, Fiction)

               Hong: Advent of Dawn (Novel, Fantasy Fiction)

               Hong: Beneath Dark Clouds (Novel, Fantasy Fiction)

               Kenya: Vagabond Progeny (Novel, Fantasy Fiction)

               Kenya: Lord of Dark Dreams (Novel, Fantasy Fiction)

Alero: The Cry of Ikoro (Children Novel, Fantasy Fiction)

Alero: In The Land Of The Gods (Children Novel, Fantasy Fiction)

Hong: Gaiden’s Bow (Children Novel, Fantasy Fiction)


Author: Collin Chimezie (MADE BOOKS)

Book/s: Sabificate: Hate School Love Education Make Money (Self-help, Motivational)

               Parents are the Worst Thieves (Self-help, Motivational)


Author: Sola Oladesu

Book/s: Louder (Novel, Drama)


Author: Tobi Delly

Book/s: Ultimate Leverage  (Self-help, Motivational)

               Ultimate Leverage for Teens (Self-help, Motivational)


Author: Tolulope Ahmed

Book/s: 10 Laws of Academic Excellence (Tertiary Educational, Self-help, Motivational)

10 Laws of Academic Excellence for Secondary School (Secondary Educational, Self-help, Motivational)


Author: Tunde Sule

Book/s: Half This Half That (Novel, Fiction)


Author: Victor Mathias

Book/s: Broke At 27, Millionaire in One Week (Self-help, Motivational)


Author: Wole Akinola

Book/s: My Greatest Dreams (Autobiography, Motivational)


Author: Yeside Adesiyun

Book/s: Murder At Jabi Lake (Novel, Fiction)

               Nadia – Battles And Hopes (Novel, Fiction)

And a lot of other authors.




goLEAN Books



Author: Charles Okeibunor

Book/s: 10 Common Mistakes Managers Make (Educational, Self-help)


Author: Onyekaba N. Charles

Book/s: Shadow of Truth (Motivational)


Author: Ademola Adeniran

Book/s: Descent Of The Hills (Novel, Fiction)


Author: Ifeoma Onweluzo

Book/s: Mirror Wars (Self-Help, Motivational)


Author: Chibuzor Mirian

Book/s: The Girl Who Found Water (Autobiography, Motivational)


Author: Okelola Oladayo Joseph

Book/s: Life Encyclopedia (Poetry)


Author: Ebi Akpeti

Book/S: The Perfect Church Galley (Novel, Fiction)

Castrated (Novel, Fiction)

Growing Pain (Novel, Fiction)


Author: Ebi Benjamin

Book/s: Learning Skills  (Educational, Self-help, Motivational)


Author: Fakuade Tosin

Book/s: Resilient (Autobiography, Motivational)

Son of my father (Autobiography, Self-help, Motivational)


Author: Glory Oguegbu

Book/s: The Concept and Science of Climate Change (Educational)

Something is Happening Our world is Changing for Junior Secondary Schools  (Educational)

Something is Happening Our world is Changing for Senior Secondary Schools  (Educational)


Author: The Core Academy

Book/s: My Personal Development Manual (Educational)

My Entrepreneurship Development Manual (Educational)

My Financial Literacy Manual (Educational)


Author: Agbo Egba Godwin

Book/s: Sure Success School Layout: The Miracle Center (Novel, Fiction)


Author: Odega Shawa

Book/s: The Biafra Manifesto: ANATOMY OF REGIONAL VIBRANCY (History, Self-help, Motivational)


Author: Izehi Hannah Agunkejoye

Book/s: The Inspiring African Woman (History, Self-help, Motivational)

Little Book Of Wisdom For The 21st Century Lady (Self-help, Motivational)

Little Book Of Wisdom For Teen Girls (Self-help, Motivational)

How To Be Naturally Beautiful As A Lady (Self-help, Motivational)

How To Be A Confident Teenage Girl (Self-help, Motivational)


Author: Itunu Oyinkansade Fabikun

Book/s: Back To Basics (Educational, Self-help)


Author: Jenim Dibie

Book/s: The Calligraphy Of God (Poetry)


Author: John Atta

Book/s: SOPHI-SAM (Novel, Fiction)


Author: John Igoche

Book/s: Catch My Drift (Novel, Fiction)


Author: John Etim Bassey

Book/s: So You Want To Be Your Own Boss (Educational, Self-help)


Author: Kunle Giwa

Book/s: NEPA (Novel, Drama)

               Agoro: Bogun Bolu (Novel, Drama)


Author: Nana Were Damoah

Book/s: Through the Gates of Thought (Educational, Self-help)


Author: Nkem Okeke

Book/s: BIG Business (Educational, Business, Self-help)


Author: Dare Adewole

Book/s: You Dare Not Fail And Disappoint (Christian, Self-help, Motivational)


Author: Samson Agboola

Book/s: The Real Soldier (Educational, Military Strategy, Self-help)


Author: Uzor Ngoladi

Book/s: Toxic Eucharist (Novel, Fiction)